Dan Inosanto is the founder of the Filipino Martial “KALI”.  Individuals that practice KALI also follow Bruce Lee’s art and philosophy of Jeet Kune Do (JKD).  However, over the years training and teaching methods of this art have followed Inosanto’s method, terming the art JKD/KALI.
JKD/KALI develops ones efficiency when fighting and prepares individuals to handle any type of opponent.  Training focuses on street based self defense taught in realistic, everyday settings.  Our goal is to teach individuals the skills necessary to protect themselves in dangerous situations that may involve attacks, attacks with weapons, or attacks involving multiple opponents.   The curriculum includes training with single stick, double stick, stick dagger, double dagger, and empty hands.  Empty hands and stick training are taught simultaneously so individuals can see the relationship between armed and unarmed combat.

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