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There aren't enough words to describe, but Prof. Joe and Jason Soliz are an AWESOME and AMAZING combination!  I've had the privilege to train with both a few years back and after seeing this website and all the accomplishments, it is truly inspiring to train!  BEST WISHES to your new school and to all new students who are lucky enough to be taught by such top quality instructors.


Art Salguero


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  • Steven Fenberg (Sunday, December 02 18 10:16 am EST)

    I thought I wanted to learn how to wrestle and talked on the phone with instructors at different schools in Houston. I didn’t need to look anymore after I spoke with Professor Joe Soliz, who suggested I might prefer jiu-jitsu and invited me for a free introductory class. I signed up immediately after taking my first jiu-jitsu lesson from Professor Joe at the beautiful Tx3rdCoast waterfront facility in Sugar Land. For the past three months I’ve enjoyed private lessons three times a week with Professor Joe, who has skillfully opened a new world for me. I’ve also had the pleasure to train there with Jason Soliz, another martial arts expert and champion, who methodically and patiently instructs me. The lessons are a highlight of my week and have been one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences of my life.

    Last week I attended my first open mat and had a great time rolling with other students, who were all very friendly and eager to engage with me even when they had more skill and experience. Professors Joe Soliz and Jason Soliz, who are highly accomplished and incredibly skilled, have created a welcoming atmosphere at their school and gym and have attracted families with children, athletes, competitors and people like me who want to learn and grow and enjoy the company of others in a stimulating and comfortable setting.

    Professors Joe Soliz and Jason Soliz have enriched my life, and I highly recommend Tx3rdCoast if you want to learn any martial art from two extremely effective and delightful teachers.

  • Luis Cabrera (Wednesday, December 24 14 06:58 pm EST)

    My journey into the study and practice of the martial arts began 47 yrs. ago at the age of 8. As a young man I would spend countless hours learning and perfecting the techniques offered by each
    system I consumed.

    Ironically, it was not until about 9 yrs ago that I stopped being a martial arts consumer.

    As I look back on that process, I experience a profound sense of gratitude to man who taught me the importance of concepts rather than mere technique. How it happened is still a bit of a mystery to

    When I first began training with Professor Soliz and his son Jason, I experienced an epiphany of sorts. I will try to explain.

    When I first sought Joe Soliz as an instructor it was to learn the art of JKD. However, shortly after joining his JKD class, I realized the importance of augmenting that experience with private
    lessons. I simply cannot emphasis enough the importance of such instruction. It is almost as if, through a process of osmosis, my neuromuscular system suddenly began to allow me to move fluidly,
    without any effort.

    Even as a middle-aged guy with a few back surgeries behind me, I found myself venturing into BJJ without fear. This is significant because in too many MMA gyms my experience in most BJJ classes
    consisted of the instructor showing the class 2-3 techniques only to quickly turn us over to the younger, higher-ranking belts to use as cannon fodder.

    Although it took me close to 3 years to earn my blue belt in BJJ (two surgeries intervened) , I never once experienced a class that was out of control. Instead, my instructors, Joe, Jason, and Lance,
    always paid attention to what was going on on the mat, which somehow instilled an unspoken ethos of \"check your ego at the door.\"

    While I am sure there are other MMA gyms that offer great instruction and training, the thing I believe makes 3rd Coast MMA different is its culture. When I joined (and eventually earned my phase 1
    instructor certificate in JKD/Kali) I didn\'t just join a gym. I joined a family.

    Whether you are new to the martial arts or are an old, broken down veteran, like I was, I would recommend 3rd Coast MMA to anyone who has the capacity to empty his cup. I promise you it will be a
    lifetime journey.

  • David Primley (Monday, March 25 13 09:12 pm EDT)

    I was 39 when I first started training JKD with Prof Soliz and Jason. I was so intimidated by the whole thing when I first stepped foot into a JKD class. I'd never done any kind of martial arts
    before, but it took Joe about 30 seconds to seek me out and welcome me. He put me at ease instantly. It's a true pleasure to learn from such a gracious family as the Soliz family. TX 3rd Coast is
    like home to me. Jason's knowledge and passion for training follow Joe's and together, they top a supreme team of coaches at TX 3rd Coast.

    You won't find a better place to train. Whether you want to just get fit or start your journey towards instructorship, Prof Joe and Jason Soliz will welcome you into the family that is TX 3rd Coast.
    Not only will they welcome you, but it's custom for everyone in the gym to open their arms to newcomers. Not because we have to, but because that's how we were introduced to it ourselves.
    I'm grateful to Joe, Jason, Pat and Suzanne for running such a great place to train.

Marcus Esquivel

I just returned from visiting my friend Freddie Roach of WILD CARD Boxing Club in Los Angeles, as you know he is the coach of the great MANNY PACQUIAO, he noticed a considerable physical change in me and I think your team at TX 3RD COAST MMA for helping me with this positive change for a better health.

Thank you for helping me gain my health and lesson the pain I have to endure with my lower back. As you can see the comparison below, you guys work!


                            May 2011            February 2012

Glucose                      119                          83

Blood Pressure        140/84                   118/82

Cholesterol               213                          174

Waist                          44”                          41”

Weight                      276                           256


It was a joy to hear from my doctors that not only having my health back but the pain from my lower back injury has subsided tremendously. With Jason’s extreme cardio fitness regiment and Joe’s boxing I was able to start my journey to a better wellbeing.


Thank you again to the staff and coaches at TX 3RD COAST MMA.

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